What is Personal Branding?
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Is your personal brand and image that important?  Yes it is!  What is Personal Branding...it is how people see you and is the fundamental pillar that can and will separate you from your competition and help you stand out in the crowd. Its the message you tell when marketing yourself.

Until recently, most people only thought of companies as having brand identities, but more recently, it has been more commonplace for professionals, like you, to have a solid brand, too!  That is where those of us over 50, we have a great advantage to those younger.  We have more experience, have acquired and honed more skills, have more success stories to tell and have accomplished so much more – use that when telling your story and building your brand of YOU.

What Is Personal Branding?
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Each day we are becoming more aware that each professional's reputation and attributes roll up into a unique personal brand.

What is personal branding? Just like household name brands, you have characteristics that define you; ways that you think of yourself and ways that others think of you. Effective personal branding is not about putting on a show or figuring out how to do as little work as possible while getting the most career reward – that is not something that I believe in.

Life is just too short to not be focused on building the best possible version of you...

The question is no longer IF you have a personal brand, but if you choose to cultivate and build your brand or to let it be defined for you by bad influencers and bad information. To start building a great personal brand.

Start thinking of yourself as a brand

Ask yourself this...What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of your name?

Is there a certain subject matter in which you want to be perceived as an expert or are there general qualities you want linked to your personal branding? Once you understand how you wish your brand to be perceived, you can start to be much more strategic about your personal brand.

When you think about what is personal branding, and marketing yourself, and how it applies to you...think like companies. You have a brand just as much as they do, and you also have a reputation to protect like they do.

Everyone you have ever met has formed opinions about you. You may not be aware of your brand.  That is not good. It might not be the most accurate representation of you or your capabilities.  Just like bad information can affect our credit rating, bad information posted of us, in perhaps not the most advantageous situations to us – can badly damage our reputation, image and hurt the brand we're hoping to build.

This especially more important in the advent of the web and sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snap Chat.

The Benefits Of A Strong Personal Brand
...and the influence it can yield

When MUST You Look Into Your Personal Brand?

  • When your career is just starting out, and those beer drinking, bad college pictures may come back to haunt you – it could distract from what you're capable of and what skills you have
  • You're to move up through the ranks, but something about your reputation is holding you back
  • You’re not getting responses from prospective jobs, even though your background aligns well to the requirements of the job
  • You're trying to change careers entirely and want to convince others that your existing skill set will be an asset, not a drawback
  • You've been laid off from a job and need to ensure that you're in the best possible position to land a new job--the right new job--in as short a time as possible
  • You're going back to the workforce after taking time off; perhaps after having children; perhaps reentering the workforce after a retirement or divorce

Over 50?

Personal Branding Is Critical for Your Job Search and Career...REGARDLESS of Your Age

No matter what your age, personal branding plays a critical role in successful job-hunting, business management, and overall career health. Every job seeker benefits from personal branding, and the development process is the same for anyone, at any age.

Corporate branding is incredibly important. What might is even more important and meaningful is just how important personal branding is, and how we market ourselves, how we tell our story, and going one-step further, how critical and vital it is to your success.

So...what is your personal branding?

…have you spent enough time improving it lately?

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