Today's office technology

by Marie
(Tampa, FL)

I'm older and returning to work after raising my family. While I'm not totally bad at today's office technology and devices...I fear my skills may not be up to par with others.


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Jul 23, 2017

by: Mike G

While the majority of this site is geared for learning how to find meaningful jobs in today’s modern workplace often having to compete against candidates half our age and perhaps more technically savvy...staying relevant is huge.

Continually learning new skills and demonstrating your ability and willingness to keep up with business trends, technology and tools will greatly show your adaptability and show that you are not "coasting".

Show how you've taken the initiative and learned new skills -- and if you haven't, do it now! Take advantage of all the free opportunities at your local library, or ask a trusted person who may be more up on these things to help teach you -- you MUST stay relevant to be and stay employed!.

Highlight that in your resume and cover letter. Talk freely and confidently about it at interviews, don't wait until asked, bring it into the conversation naturally. By talking about it in natural conversation and illustrating it when discussing accomplishments you will show your relevancy and how up on all the trends and technology you are.

If you wait until asked, you will come across as uncomfortable talking about it -- and mechanical, not natural and confident about it.

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