This could only happen to me...

by Thomas
(San Antonio, TX)

Right out college and super eager to interview for this particular job, I did EVERYTHING right, at least that is what I thought. The night before I accidently set my alarm clock for 6PM instead of 6AM. Luckily I woke-up at 7am, but with the interview at 9am across town, I had to rush.

On my way to the interview I had too many cups of coffee to get myself up and going quickly (I'm NOT a morning person) and because I drank a few cups I really had to use the bathroom before my appointment began.

Once at the place with a just a few minutes to spare I ran in from my car and barged into an "unlocked" unisex, single-stall bathroom. I didn't hear the woman inside yell, 'One second!' as I began opening the door.

I slammed right into her as she was fixing her blouse (she was fully dressed thank goodness). I quickly turned and ran out mumbling that perhaps next time she should lock the door and ran to find another bathroom.

When it was time for my interview, I was directed to a conference room and guess who happened to be my interviewer - the woman I had walked in on in the bathroom!

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Jul 23, 2017

by: Mike G

Well...I guess this teaches us to be better prepared -- and to knock next time!

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