Career Strategies For Staying Employed

Staying Employed

While the majority of this site is geared for learning how to find meaningful jobs in today’s modern workplace, and often having to compete against candidates half our age.  Staying employed within perhaps a more technically savvy work group, who are also willing to take a much lower salary…it is equally important learning how to KEEP your job and not having to fear losing it, losing your medical coverage, hurting your 401K and having doing another job search.

In today's job market there are no guarantees of staying employed.

The business world is ever changing, so do not EVER think that you are "done" looking for work.  Businesses need to become “leaner” and more “profitable” for their shareholders.  This greed can lead to “down-sizing” – and those that make the most, who are deemed less productive – will be cut first.

Employer loyalty is a thing of the past.

More and more businesses are using freelancers, out-sourcing or shipping jobs overseas (especially in the manufacturing and industrial sectors).

What does all this mean to you?

Staying employed means that you must always maintain a "job search" mindset...and know what it takes to stay employed! 

Learn how the first 90 days are your MOST important here to lean more.

Losing a job later in life can be particularly devastating…if we become unemployed; we older workers generally take longer to find work than our younger counterparts. 

Three Steps To Maintain a "Job Search" Mindset:

1.  Keep in touch

Communicate frequency, and the types of information you plan to send. Start by emailing your network periodically. Stay in-touch through LinkedIn, Twitter or other business forums, but always keep it simple, professional, and friendly.

2.  Stay on top of industry trends – ALWAYS STAY RELEVANT!!!

What are your field's best practices or newest tools?  Do you have the latest certifications? Keep your knowledge updated while adding new skills to your "toolbox," even if you are not using those skills in your current position. You may also want to consider getting involved in professional organizations or associations – to help keep yourself in the game.

3.  Create a network of promoters

Go above and beyond what someone would normally do for a colleague.  Frequently overlooked, this is one of the most important and powerful things that you can do to help foster your professional success.  Professional (and sometimes personal) recommendations are key – for job opportunities.  

Who will fight for you?  Do you have fans?  Genuinely assist colleagues, associates and make valuable connections, referring candidates to them.  Volunteer to help with a project that will give you exposure to new connections, opportunities or help you gain additional relevant tools and experience.

Here is what you really need know to stay employed:

Those of us over 50 must be careful not to violate some basic office norms. 

I know that sounds contradictory for someone with as much experience as you, but when we hit this threshold age, we sometimes forget elementary business norms – instead, in a way take our eyes off the road.

Some may develop a demeanor that is TOO confident, cocky and may even at times threaten your much younger boss or co-workers and become complacent and forget the basic rules of business. 

By looking at these “mistakes”, we will learn what NOT to do, and gain the knowledge that will help us keep our jobs and stay employed.

Common Mistakes...that work against us Staying Employed

  • NOT...Making sure the first 90 days are memorable and successful
  • NOT...Reliability – show  up on time
  • NOT...Respect the boss and his wishes
  • NOT...Follow directions
  • NOT...Review your work – avoid careless mistakes
  • NOT...Be friendly, helpful and respectful of others belief’s and traditions
  • NOT...Keep busy, stay off your cell phone – NO tweeting, texting or taking too many personal calls
  • NOT...Always retain a high-level of integrity and honesty
  • NOT...Smile and leave personal issues at home
  • NOT...Learn to take criticism that will improve your work
  • NOT...Ever bad-mouth, gossip or become THAT person who seems to ALWAYS be complaining

Keys to Staying Employed After Age 50
...forget about hitting that cruise control

Be an asset, not a liability – maintain and track your value

An employer is unlikely to lay off someone who consistently is seen as an asset for the company, and truly adds value.  Keep track of all your achievements, praises, and accomplishments that best illustrate how you have added to the value company's bottom line – doing this will help protect you from any cutbacks and layoffs.

Continually learn new skills

Demonstrating your ability and willingness to keep up with business trends, technology and tools will greatly show your adaptability and show that you are not “coasting”.  Take on new projects – show your boss that you plan to continue to work and are not planning to retire in the near term.

Be a problem solver

Be that person who people go to for help or for information about specific problems.  Show that you do not take “no” for answer or that person who says “we can’t fix that problem”…instead, be the person that says, “let’s understand what the issue is, and see how we can overcome the problem/issue”.

Be a mentor, trusted advisor or consultant and help others

One of the biggest assets that us older workers have is our tribal knowledge of the company and the industry – its challenges and issues.  Certainly, they can hire a younger, cheaper employee, but an older worker who has been with a company 10, 15, 20 or more years has developed long-standing relationships with clients, vendors and other influential people in the industry. 

Becoming a mentor and trusted advisor means that you can and are willing to pass along knowledge and connections to younger employees – of which could be your younger boss.

Become published and grow an online presence

Looking someone up online is becoming standard procedure.  Recruiters and potential clients will Google your name, look at your LinkedIn profile and see if you have published any articles.  If you are not found online, it can be seen as not being current or that you are no longer relevant in today’s world.

Remember These Secrets...and Keep Your Mastery of Business Etiquette

The tips discussed above will help you hold on to your job and protect your retirement, help you to maintain that ever more important health insurance and keep your sanity – with a peace of mind that is essential for us to enjoy life to its fullest regardless of age!

To increase your chances of staying employed, especially for those of us over 50, you must take the steps above VERY they will help protect you from a job loss.

The business world is ever changing, so do not EVER think that you are "done" looking for work.

Staying Employed

   -- Stay relevant

   -- Be an Asset not a Liability

   -- Stay updated with technology and the tools of your trade

   -- Learn to speak AND socialize with your colleagues and boss

...and ALWAYS employ the highest level of HONESTY, INTEGRTY, and BUSNIESS ETIQUETTE

What's on your mind? Is there something specific I can help you with?

This site's success will hinge on me helping you solve problems. For those of us over 50, we face more challenges than others younger than us when competing for jobs and getting doors to open.

I invite you all to share your stories of challenge and successes. We all can learn from those who have faced the same challenges. The idea here is to help and be helped - so please add your comment or insight!

Thank you for your contribution.

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