The Relocation Cover Letter

Why do you need a specific relocation cover letter? 

Think of the challenge companies face when scanning through hundreds of resume submissions, and put yourself in the shoes of that person and ask yourself this question. 

"Why should a company hire someone from outside the city, when a person with the same skills is available locally?" -- (which only get's more complicated for those of us over 50)?"

You’ve been pouring over job listings for months, and you’ve finally found a position that really excites you. The only problem is it’s in a different city.

How will you make yourself stand out from the local talent?

When companies are recruiting, they look first at the candidates who are locally is mentioning relocation in a cover letter even a good idea?  Yes!!!

Why Should They Hire You?

The most important part of any cover letter should be to show how your skills, qualities and accomplishments will become and asset for them and one that they just MUST have! 

How are you going to be a benefit the company?

Remind them that while you may not be in the city in which they are recruiting, good companies select top talent regardless of location. 

If you looking in advance of you actually relocating.  Then explain that there any relocation will be of NO cost to them, as you are already in the process of moving...and do not seek or require any relocation assistance.

Make sure they know that they will not incur any additional costs or hassles by choosing someone from another city. The last thing you want is for a company to feel as though hiring you might be a want them to put your relocation cover letter and resume on the top of the stack -- not in the trash.

Selling Yourself in Your Relocation Cover Letter

When you are in a different city, the company may not have an opportunity to see you, which can make it harder to create a great first impression. All they have is your cover letter and your resume. While your resume is important, your relocation cover letter is where you really need to convince a company to consider you over other applicants.

This is where you really sell yourself and create your unique personal brand.

Think of the company as your customer, and you are the product that you are trying to convince them they need.

Here Is A Sample Relocation Cover

1234 Any Street
Huntington, NY 11734





Mr. John Burns
1234 Any Street
Huntington, NY 11734

Dear Mr. Burns:

Self-Motivated Advertising Executive with Excellent Marketing Skills Wishes to Make Meaningful Contributions to a Growing Organization. (Use your own specific skills as they relate to the position for which you are applying.)

This letter is in reference to your job listing for (specific position for which you are applying) that was advertised online (provide the name of the specific website.)

I have (number of years) of experience in the (name of industry) industry, working with (name of previous company). (Use this paragraph to highlight your specific skills and qualifications.)

I will be relocating to (name of the city to which you want to move) as my spouse has been transferred there to manage an entire branch of his current organization. (Insert your own reason in the last sentence, but be honest. You could also say that you believe the job opportunities will be greater for you there.) I am presently located in (name of city) but am willing to incur all the expenses that might be involved in relocating.

I will be in (desired city) between (date) and (date). You may call me at 123-555-4567 to arrange a meeting to discuss the position in accordance with my experience and your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.


Michael A. Smith


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