by Pete M
(Houston, Texas)


I get nervous and start to sweat a lot when I go on interviews. Sometimes it's my hands that get sweaty and sometimes it looks like I just came in from a 100 degree oven.

Any advice to keep stay calm and not start breakout out in the sweats. Once I get into it I do calm down, but I fear it too late by then.


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Sep 16, 2017
Nerves At The Interview -- Me To!
by: Bob

I too used to get nervous at interviews -- and I was the one conducting the interview! Take comfort in knowing that the interviewer is perhaps just as nervous as you -- we just hide it better! :-)


Aug 20, 2017
Staying Calm During Interviews
by: Mike G

Feeling stress and fear ahead of a job interview is totally normal. However, when those fears become interview anxiety, your mind can interfere with your interview performance and hurt your chances of success.

Interview anxiety and sweats happen when emotions and nerves take over...sometimes driven by your need for the job (unemployed), putting too much pressure on yourself trying to be too perfect, and many others.

Take comfort that this all fairly normal, especially if you have not interviewed in long time or fear talking in public, so take comfort in the fact that other people understand what you're going through when it comes to interview anxiety.

Here are a few tips:

Practice, practice, then practices some more...staying confident in yourself and your abilities is the best way to stay calm. The more you practice (in front of a mirror, family member or good friend), the better you will become and the calmer you'll be.

Thoroughly prepare for the interview by researching the company, finding out what the position entails, getting to know the expectations of the role and how you can help fill that need, learn about the culture of the company and learn as much about them as you possibly can -- this will help build your confidence, and when your confident, your in control which will help keep nerves at rest.

During the interview, focus on your breathing, maintaining eye contact, make thoughtful responses and build a comfortable rapport.

Just before the interview starts, close your eyes and take several slow long controlled breath's in and out...this will do wonders to keep you calm.

Interview anxiety and nerves doesn't have to ruin your chances for landing a great job. Take this advice to alleviate this feeling, and jumpstart your professional career with confidence.

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