Free Resume Examples

These free resume examples fit a variety of job seeking situations...the samples below will give you good start on helping you build your resume.  Pick the model of resume format that works best for situation -- then customize!

REMEMBER! It is best not to just copy an example that you like. You are unique, and have qualifications that will make you stand out, from all the other job applicants. Choose your resume very carefully, and make it your own (remember what Simon Cowell tells singing contestants on American Idol and America's Got Talent TV shows).

Your resume is a reflection of you and needs to impress the recruiter or hiring manager enough to make them want to call you for the interview.

The your resume needs to be perfect, ALWAYS double and triple check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and use of industry terms.

Google industry specific buzz words, and keyword phrases, and be sure to use them accordingly and appropriately. 

Free Resume Examples by Format Type

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Functional Resume Sample 1
Functional Resume Sample 2
Functional Resume Sample 3
Functional Resume Sample 4
Functional Resume Sample 5

Chronological Resume Sample 1
Chronological Resume Sample 2
Chronological Resume Sample 3
Chronological Resume Sample 4
Chronological Resume Sample 5

Blended Resume Sample 1
Blended Resume Sample 2
Blended Resume Sample 3
Blended Resume Sample 4
Blended Resume Sample 5

Free Resume Examples by Career Situation

(Click on links below to read the PDF in your browser, or right-click to download it)

Recent Graduate or Entry Level

Recent graduates or those with little experience and are entry level need to describe skills and accomplishments creatively by including appropriate school, volunteer and community activities. Club memberships or organizations and any key roles you played such as Treasurer, President, or Secretary.

Did you have any accomplishments that you were particularly proud of, like perhaps under your guidance membership increased, cost savings were realized….list all these accomplishments; they will help illustrate your work ethic and character.

Your goal is to use these experiences in place of traditional jobs, prospective employers like to see you in action, and these all help show interpersonal and communication skills, work ethic, passion, dedication, and your success and accomplishments track record.

Accounting Professional
Graphic Artist
Human Resources Professional
Math Teacher
IT Professional

Management and Executive

Using the free resume examples below for management and executive positions, job seekers need to include greater detail in their descriptions of past accomplishments and responsibilities. Including their impact towards the company’s success and bottom-line. Work experience not only includes accomplishments and responsibilities, but also the number of direct and indirect reports, and budgetary responsibilities, as well as, if the positions had local or global reach, and if there were multiple product lines.

Finance Executive or Manager
Office Manager
Sales and Marketing Executive or Manager
Store Manager

Trades and Blue Collar

As free resume examples below illustrate, in addition to customary resume essentials, resumes for the trades and blue collar positions may also include union memberships, specialized licenses, special training, and other affiliations. Just like with other careers, your goal is to use these experiences to show prospective employers your background and qualifications. You must demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills, a strong work ethic, passion, dedication, and success.

Truck Driver
Warehouse Manager

Entertainment Arts, Freelance and Consultant

Use the free resume examples below that best suits your career situation. Resumes for people who perform freelance and consulting work often organize work experience by projects instead of by traditional employment positions. A client list is a helpful reference to show a perspective client or employer to demonstrate the clientele you have dealt with in the past and are familiar with.

For those in the performing arts, resumes, along with your headshot, are your primary sales tool. Headshots are the show business equivalent of a business card. Whether you're an actor or a musician or even a stand-up comedian, you need them as a way of introducing yourself, both to potential employers and to the public.

A headshot (or "8 by 10," as it's often referred to) is probably more important to actors than other performing artists, because casting decisions are so often made based on what you look like.

In short, your resume is your performing arts history reduced to a single 8" x 10" sheet of paper. It should contain the highlights of your performing experience and should be stapled to the back of your headshot and not given out separately.

Actor, Actress or Performer
Business Consultant
Freelance News Journalist
IT Consultant
Sales and Marketing Consultant

It will do you no good to just copy one of the free resume examples you like.

You MUST make your resume unique to your particular circumstances, so that you will stand out from all the other job applicants. These resume samples are a great start, but you need to your accomplishments, and your successes.

Choose one of the resume examples above very carefully, and make it your own.

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