Face Time

What is Face Time?

Face Time is face-to-face person-to-person interaction. Conversation...remember that? Jean Cummings, a personal branding strategist and resume consultant who works with many over-50 executives’ says. "Since you're able to talk the language of your business or industry, and you're up on the latest trends, ask your contacts about jobs still in proposal or development stages," she says. "You could help create your own new job."

REMEMBER, always treat your contact network with respect...remember you don't want to become that annoying fly in the face!

When reaching out to contacts, "articulate your personal brand," Cummings says. "Put the emphasis on what you uniquely bring to a job in terms of experience, wisdom, savvy and knowledge.

Offer a sense of the challenges and opportunities their organization may be facing, and your thoughts on how you can improve their ability to make money, save money, limit risk, innovate and solve problems."

Cummings also suggests networking through trade associations you already belong to. Call people with whom you've worked on past projects. Many association Web sites have active discussion and bulletin boards.

Being Over 50 Comes with It's Advantages

I cannot reiterate just how important networking is to your career and job search. Those of us who are over 50, we have such a great advantage to those younger:

  • We’ve built strong networks
  • We've acquired many contacts
  • Have that been there, done that experience.

Let's look further into face time and how to build your network for greater success, to become more confident and more flexible in the workplace and as you search for a job if you’re looking. Networking works!  60 to 80% of all jobs are found through networking and face time is an ever-important aspect of networking.

Simply put, face time is meeting with influential people in your network asking them for advice, and suggestions – NOT asking them for a job directly, but ADVICE.

Get them to like you, and want to be associated with you...people do business with people they know, like, and trust – it’s THAT simple.

The website Buzz50 is a social networking site that is packed full of very useful social groups and information.  It's completely free to those of us over 50, and has many forums, and chat rooms.

Building Strong Contacts via Face Time Encounters

So face time is meeting with contacts over lunch or having a discussion at the golf game, or just picking up the phone to say hi and see what is new in their world (career and life).  Remember you are not asking them for a job outright, but your seeking their advice, and generally getting them to like you and wanting to help you.

 You want to develop a network of colleagues that share information to help each other, a great strategy for  opening that elusive hidden job market…mainly because many great jobs are not advertised.

The saying, “you are who you know”, illustrates that your network can be defined by those you know and associate with...key people who can tip you off to job openings and perhaps even introduce you to the person who is doing the hiring.

You Network EVERY Day

Networking is a planned and ongoing effort. You do it EVERYDAY, and with ALL people you meet, whether through business, personal, or social.

Everyone knows someone. You need to set goals, develop your strategies, take action, then evaluate how well your plan is working and make changes as necessary.

There is some truth in the saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know".

What's on your mind? Is there something specific I can help you with?

This site's success will hinge on me helping you solve problems. For those of us over 50, we face more challenges than others younger than us when competing for jobs and getting doors to open.

I invite you all to share your stories of challenge and successes. We all can learn from those who have faced the same challenges. The idea here is to help and be helped - so please add your comment or insight!

Thank you for your contribution.

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