Any specific tips on how to approach a job interview?

by Meg
(New Jersey )

I'm going to a job interview later this week, and I'm nervous about what they may thinking being an "older" applicant.

Any advise or tips?

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Jul 19, 2017
The Job Interview
by: Mike G

If you are an "older" job hunter, more than likely you already know that the ultra-competitive job-search process is especially hard on you. Part of the challenge you face is a major generation gap between Baby Boomer job hunters and the Gen-X hiring managers of today. Younger managers do not want to hire their parent – unfortunately, that is how we may come across if we allow that perception to happen.

Gen Xer's need your help and guidance. Talk money, and focus on how you can help them produce immediate results.

Employers want to know what you value bring them – remember your hire is a reflection on them.

Older job seekers may shy away from bragging about successes, but this is something that you need to be prepared for and ready to take advantage of – it is something that your younger competition cannot compete with -- make it your strength.

Show passion for your work, demonstrate your commitment, reliance and dedication to your work

DO NOT sound condescending, or threatening…sometimes, "that been there done that attitude", overdone, will make your younger, and perhaps less experienced interviewer feel threatened.

That is the fastest way of killing your chances.

You want to come across as non-threatening, helpful, mentoring, and as someone who will add value, and help THEM succeed and grow!!!

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