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Mike Ghibaudi

Hi...my name is Mike Ghibaudi

Being over 50, and able to write an effective resume that leads to a job interview, is one of the most important skills a person needs in order to manage a fulfilling and satisfying career, especially for those of us in that age group.

As a professional having over 30 years of Human Resource/Recruiting experience (and yes, I too, am in that exclusive AARP club of the over 50), I've seen everything we knew about success and getting ahead in the world change so dramatically over the past few years.

Over 2000 hours a year is a lot of time to spend at a job that is not right for you…and my experience tells me that most candidates are just not very well prepared for job interviews, and do not write resumes well.

My Background

Having been on both sides of the table, being both the interviewer and interviewee, and at levels from entry level to upper executive levels – I have a unique blend of experience that will help you be prepared, regardless of your situation.

From resume to job interview, from marketing yourself to networking…I will guide you through these events (and more) with the experience that my many years gives me, with the friendly handholding advise of a friend guiding you step-by-step.

What Others Are Saying

"It was a great honor to have worked with Mike Ghibaudi. Being an out of work 56 year old woman, in a new city, Mike helped me draw on what I could bring to the table and not my age or what perspective employers thought I'd cost in-terms of salary.  He epitomizes excellence in management and HR recruiting skills.  His insights in what makes people stand-out are excellent and helped me obtain a great new job."

-Paula M.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Ghibaudi for the past several years on several projects...and when at 52 years of age by company came to me and said that I was being laid-off -- Mike was the first person I called.  He has a rare ability to understand complex issues and staying ahead of a constantly evolving environment impeccably. Mike is an upfront, get it done type..."

-Tom D.


"Mike Ghibaudi's integrity is impeccable, he is motivated, innovative and a true find for anyone trying to find a job and over 50.  I was an out of work 65 year old that felt I still had a lot of fire in my belly, and also felt that I could offer unique insights to employers, but they all saw me as someone who should be put out to pasture.  Then I met Mike, and he guided me from developing a great resume, to building up my confidence and helping me master the interview process (I hadn't interviewed in over 20 years!).  He helped me unlock new career paths that I never knew existed, and helped me land a great new job working for a young bright CFO, who sees me as a trusted partner and coach and not an old piece of furniture"

-George C.


Your Job Search After Age 50

Competition for jobs is more intense than ever, and when you hit our age group, you will be faced with even greater challenges. 

Making it even more vital to have an effective resume, possessing great interviewing skills, and knowing how to make your age and experience work for you – not against you.

Without these skills, you will not stand above the crowd, but instead just be another candidate.  Lacking the skill and knowledge of how to market this great attribute, you will find it harder to find a satisfying new job.

About UberCareerTips.com

Launched in 2008, this site has quickly grown to be more than a how to write a better resume, cover letter or job interview site, but has grown to be community where the collective experiences of others are paying it forward and sharing their personal experiences, helping to answer specific questions and adding to our ever-growing knowledge base - giving personal marketing and personal branding and networking tips and much more like using Google Alerts!

I (Mike Ghibaudi) am constantly reviewing and updating the sites information to make sure you are getting what you need to win that job, and to help manage your career – with the over 50 always in-mind. 

Say you’re not over 50…well, one day you will be…but for now, this site IS for you too! 

You don’t have to be over 50 to gain knowledge learn.

Like a championship professional sports team, the young players will learn from the mature veterans, and the veteran certainly can learn from the younger player as well.

The process of working collaboratively helps all achieve their goal.

What's on your mind? Is there something specific I can help you with?

This site's success will hinge on me helping you solve problems. For those of us over 50, we face more challenges than others younger than us when competing for jobs and getting doors to open.

I invite you all to share your stories of challenge and successes. We all can learn from those who have faced the same challenges. The idea here is to help and be helped - so please add your comment or insight!

Thank you for your contribution.

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If you have any comments and suggestions please CONTACT ME.  I will always welcome your feedback and input (good or bad).

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Thank You,

Mike Ghibaudi

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