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For Those of Us Over 50

Is your resume getting results?

Perhaps you have sent out a resume or two to “test” the waters? 

Getting the results you expected or had hoped for?  For those of us over 50, how confident are you about your future? Are you wondering if there is something better out there waiting for you? Is the work you’re doing as rewarding, and as fulfilling as you would like it to be?

Having over 30 years of Human Resource/Recruiting experience, I've seen how everything we knew about success and getting ahead in the world, change dramatically over the past few years.  The rapid development of new technology, social media, portable devices, e-mail and other electronic elements at play today make it a lot tougher than in the past -- especially if you are (like me) in that "Over 50" group.

Being over 50 presents us with even more challenges, but it also creates great advantages -- that is if you know how to market yourself in a unique way and create a strong personal brand that creates value and highlights the many wonderful advantages that this exclusive club brings to the table.

Think of it as your Value Proposition.  In short, it's:

  • The "been there...done that" voice and flair
  • A certain "pizzazz" our age group's knowledge, maturity and confidence brings to the table
  • Supported by a depth of useful skills (both technical and interpersonal) that our experiences afford us...this is where we separate ourselves from others
  • We all get better with age, and that is nothing to be afraid of or hide, so let me teach you how to leverage our life's experiences -- and deliver a more rewarding outcome

Successful careers don’t just happen

Achieving your career goals (whether in your current job or not) means developing a plan, branding yourself, having the right tools and executing your plan with confidence. The strategies for those of us on AARP mailing list are NOT the same as those for when we were younger and just starting our careers.

An effective job search only BEGINS with your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)…A well-crafted resume, while it is your primary marketing tool, it alone does not result in a job offer.  Your cover letter needs to be compelling to draw in the learning how to write a powerful and inspiring cover letter is an important technique that most give much too little time to, and fail to understand that it is usually first touch point to a recruiter.

Today the challenges you face are different and in many respects tougher. Certainly that is true when it comes to career progression and/or the changes associated with it. Standards are higher and the scrutiny of credentials and backgrounds are much more intense.

Today most recruiters and employers WILL call your references, WILL do credit and criminal background checks, WILL search social media. All to learn more about you, clues into knowing if you are the person they want to invest in and bring onboard.

Make your age and experience work for you, not against you

Also, being in that elite "experienced" crowd, you offer more than someone younger.  You know more, you've been there and done that -- BUT -- you also, may be applying to a job reporting to someone who may be a bit scared or threatened by you.

That's right, scared and/or threatened of your experience, uneasy that you may know more, and so there lies another challenge.  There is a very fine line between bringing experience and knowledge AND not being seen as a threat to the person sitting on the other side of the table and interviewing you.

Employers today are very conscience of how you fit into the office environment.  While some will see age as a good thing.  Bringing a level of maturity.  Others might see you as a round peg trying to be fit into a square whole. 

It's up to you to do your homework.  Know your audience.  Learning all you can about those doing the interview, and understanding the environment...the make-up of the team, and the culture of the organization. 

In the job interview you must show them that you will be an asset to them, a trusted advisor and are not trying to take their job.  That you can fit into a younger, "more hip" workplace.  If you haven't seen the movie, "The Intern" (with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway) yet -- see it, as it illustrates this point perfectly.

I'll help you, and share the secrets of my experience that I have used myself, secrets that can only come from someone who has walked in our shoes.  No text book can teach you that, and most "other sites" do not do enough to help those in our age group.

Today, more than ever, people are working longer and later in life, and that presents very different challenges.  Challenges that requires a unique perspective (from someone like me who has, and still is living it).

Stand out from the crowd instead of looking like hundreds of other applicants?

Starting with a personal brand that I will help you develop (I call this the “You, Inc.” concept), and then creating a powerful career strategy and resume; you will be on your way to a better more fulfilling career and get the job or that promotion you want.

My “You, Inc.” concept will position you as a high quality employee regardless of your age that employers will want to hire, hold on to, promote, see as an asset, and not lose to competition.  It takes you from the cover letter to the resume to the Thank You and Follow-up -- all that you do here is what creates your unique brand.

Sound Overwhelming?

It doesn’t have to be. Here are just some of the ingenious and shockingly simple techniques you will learn here at

  • You will learn how to develop effective job search strategies using social media, Google Alerts and web profiles (including tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media).
  • Learn how to highlight the right experiences when making a career change, transition or return to the workforce. Tell your unique story and value proposition in a way that highlights your strengths, lessens your weaknesses and markets you in a persuasive, compelling way to hiring managers, decision makers, executives and recruiters.
  • A well-crafted resume is your primary marketing tool. Let me show you how to write a powerful attention-grabbing resume that will make you stand out and get that interview.
  • Be sure that you get past new filters and screening technology, and will attract the right employers, get more interviews, and get your new job faster!
  • Uncover the "hidden" unpublished job markets and opportunities that are there ONLY for those of us over 50...and the many other opportunities that our age and experience affords us -- some of which may surprise you.

I will then help you build your personal brand, teach you how to market yourself, take you through the interview process, giving you tips and job strategies on how to interview correctly that are all tailored for those of us that are older and are faced with creating job search strategies that have a unique set of challenges.

It's really just a matter of knowing the right strategy for the situation. Saying the right things in the job interview, and what NOT to say. You do know each situation requires a different approach – don’t you?

I encourage you to take the time and look through this site, and allow me the chance to prove to you that I can help you execute your career plan, write a better resume, get you that interview or promotion, and on to better a more rewarding profitable career!

Start here and learn how to write a powerful and inspiring cover letter since it is one of your most important primary marketing tool's.

What's on your mind? Is there something specific I can help you with?

This site's success will hinge on me helping you solve problems. For those over 50, we face more challenges than those that we may compete with for job opportunities. I invite you all to share your stories of challenge and successes. We all can learn from those who have faced the same challenges. The idea here is to help and be helped -- and the more the merrier!

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